Burglar & Fire Alarm

HOPNHAT builds up complete intrusion detection and fire alarm systems that can detect occupancy, motion detect, glass breaks, heat and smoke detect, fence and barrier penetration as well as motion and forced entry. Our burglar & fire alarm solution provide the ultimate protection of life. We can work with you to find the appropriate level of security for your facility and your budget.

Besides, we also have the technology and knowledge to deliver high-quality burglar & fire alarm systems in a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Plus, we complement our products with tools and resources to support contractors, engineers, building owners in the design, installation of fire alarm systems.

Install the alarm system to keep away from the intrusion. Avoid the un-wanted people to disturb your facility. Enjoy the peace of mind which brings to you by security alarm system. Our security alarm system includes motion detection, perimeter detection. Smoke and heat sensor are the essential for security safety. It provides the pre-warning before huge fire disaster. You can get notified when your facility with danger of spread fires.

HOPNHAT offers a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification. Our solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect office buildings, warehouses, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities

Burglar Alarm

Nowadays, house alarms or home security systems are preferably needed to ensure the house security from burglars and criminals. Installing a home security system can improve the safety of your family and property.

  • You can leave your house for long periods of time without having to worry about the property being broken into. When you install and use home security system, you highly reduce your chances of losing property through burglary
  • Inside and outside security is available, this is particularly useful if you have a shed containing expensive equipment.
  • Some burglar alarm systems come with smoke detectors and surveillance systems to give more safety for your property.

Fire Alarm

Having fire alarm systems installed has its obvious advantages. People are protected, even while they sleep, if a fire should occur. A fire alarm will alert any and all individuals that a fire or the beginnings of a fire have been detected, and people can safely leave the premises before losing life or limb. Yet, there are other unseen and commonly unknown advantages to having a quality fire alarm system installed in a building or home.

The installation of fire alarm systems in the workplace helps to assure employees that their lives will not be in danger if there is a fire. Employees will feel more comfortable, secure, and happier working in a place that has an appropriate fire alarm system.

The main advantage of installing fire alarms is the early warning benefit. The fire alarms can be installed just about anywhere in a commercial building and best of all the fire safety measure is highly cost effective for smoke and fire protection.

Early warning is essential to effective fire safety because fires can occur anytime and any place. We highly recommend having fire alarms installed on every floor of your commercial business because a fire can ignite even when people are not within a room or section of the building.

You can be immediately alerted of a fire at your commercial building when your fire alarm system is connected to a remote monitoring station. This early warning signal is extremely important to life safety for the following reasons:

  • Increases evacuation time for building occupants before a fire spreads out of control.
  • Emergency medical help can be immediately sent out to those in need.
  • Fire department personnel can help people exit the building safely.

  • It’s possible to apply for a few hardwire zones and expandable to hundred of zones
  • 8 partitions or 3 common areas partitions, can be used as 8 independent control panels
  • Elegant Wall Keypads
  • Support telephone module to control through phone system
  • Built-in dialer, automatically sending alert when alarm signal received
  • iPhone, iPad & Android applications for Full Control
  • Intelligent False Alarm Filtering Technology
  • Advanced Scheduling: Real time control
  • Some control panels are well suited for a variety of applications as an integrated fire and burglary control
  • Remote programmable software
  • Capability to integrate with CCTV and Access control system

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