A Total Security Solution and more ...Video Surveillance - CCTV SystemAccess Control SystemSmarthome SolutionTraffic SolutionParking Management SystemBurglar & Fire Alarm SystemCommunication SystemsPublic Address System
A Total Security Solution and more ...
HOPNHAT offers full package of ELV system for your business. Besides we provide smarthome solution and traffic solution also. We commit to focus on what is our specialization and strengths. This helps to bring the best things to our customers.
Video Surveillance - CCTV System
HOPNHAT can supply a fixed camera to always monitor a specific area. We can offer a pan-tilt-zoom camera to sweep an open area. And we also give you IP-based cameras to monitor several locations from one central facility.
Access Control System
HOPNHAT can accommodate an access solution from a single-door up to thousands of doors. You can access to find out about how our products can help your business.
Smarthome Solution
Using your smartphone, tablet, or a dedicated controller, you can control all of the connected technology in your home. The best smart homes are effortlessly easy to use, designed for simplicity.
Traffic Solution
HOPNHAT will do coordination with manufacturers to build our own traffic solutions that related to Traffic Enforcement camera solution like as speed violation (GATSO), red light violation, lane and parking violation. We also offer intelligent transportation solution.
Parking Management System
Our system is integrated from the world leader in car park systems. With many years of experience our team has deployed and integrated many car parks. We offer a complete solution including the equipment, the car park management system, the installation and the on site maintenance.
Burglar & Fire Alarm System
HOPNHAT offers the complete range of end to end or part solution designed for intrusion detection and fire alarm systems. Our burglar & fire alarm solution provides the ultimate protection of life and property.
Communication Systems
HOPNHAT's information and communications solutions will keep you connected. We build up network for you and provide application systems that relate to communication field.
Public Address System
HOPNHAT offers PA system from the prestigious brands, our solution is recognized as highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly. There are many ways we can develop solutions to meet all requirements.




HOPNHAT was established in 2012 by a group of experts who has gone through many years of experience in providing a total solutions in Mechanical & Electrical field in general and the extra low


Whether you are building a new home, have an existing home, office, factory, shop or other commercial building,… we have the experience and knowledge to help you with all your technology needs. Our



HOPNHAT offers to its customers the full package of ELV system. We are ready to take into consideration the special desires of a customer regardless which industry you are in. HOPNHAT is driven to


Even if it is many years since you purchased your systems/products from HOPNHAT, you are still, of course, entitled to take advantage of our Services. This includes ...